Contact Page Updates

We’ve refreshed our Contacts page to make it easier to sort and filter your contacts! The up and down arrows in the table header allow you to sort your contacts by name, last activity and contact owner. 

The ‘Show Contacts’ filter enables you to select the number of contacts you’d like to view on the page. When you’re not viewing ‘All’ contacts, you can move from page to page using the <Prev and Next> buttons on the bottom right of the screen.

You can see the total number of contacts in your list or the number resulting from your search / filter. Optionally, you can select all contacts to quickly add or remove a tag.

Use filters to search by First Name, Last Name, Company, Phone Number, Tag(s), and Contact Owner and quickly clear the results using the ‘Clear filters’ button above your table of contacts. 

The individual contact page displays your conversations with the contact and contact notes. Any custom fields related to the contact will show under ‘About this contact’. 

FAQ: Check out our articles on SMS Lookup BadgesContact Ownership and Archiving Contacts for answers to frequently asked questions.

Questions or suggestions? We value your feedback! You can chat with our support team in the lefthand menu of the app using the headset icon or text our Support team at 317-316-3600 to get in touch. 

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