HubSpot Integration

 HupSpot Integration (Pilot)

Introducing, Captivated’s HubSpot integration >>> You can now sync your HubSpot contacts in Captivated, enabling you to keep your records up to date, track recent conversations, and integrate with existing stages and campaigns in HubSpot. You can also utilize HubSpot Properties within your Captivated templates to customize your messages to your contacts.

Please note: Our HubSpot integration is currently in pilot. You can use the integration during the pilot at no additional cost. When the pilot has ended, the integration will only be available for Pro plans and above.

When setting up the HubSpot integration, you can select which HubSpot properties you would like to display in Captivated.

  • The properties you’ve selected will display once you’ve saved your settings and can be adjusted by an account admin.
  • Once you’ve selected which properties you’d like displayed, you can ‘Sync All’ contacts in the right-hand corner of the page. This will complete syncing your HubSpot contacts to Captivated.
  • Contacts will automatically sync each night so that any changes to your contacts in HubSpot are reflected in your Captivated contact list.
  • You can also manually ‘Sync Recent’ contacts, which will only sync changes made to contacts since the last time your contacts were synced. 
  • Captivated will display any HubSpot contact owners on the right-hand side of the page. If a HubSpot user is also a user in Captivated (user emails must match), the user’s HubSpot photo will indicate their contact ownership. 
  • If a HubSpot user is not a user in Captivated, Captivated will display the HubSpot user’s email to denote ownership. 
  • When viewing an individual contact in Captivated, the right-hand panel will display the contact’s HubSpot properties under ‘About this contact’. 
  • Clicking the launch icon in the top right corner will open a new tab and direct the Captivated user to the HubSpot contact record, which they can view if they have the appropriate access to view in HubSpot. 
  • On the conversations page, when viewing contact details in the right-hand panel, the launch icon will open the contact’s HubSpot contact record in HubSpot.
  • If a contact is not yet added in HubSpot, you can edit the contact in Captivated and click the ‘Send to CRM’ button to add the contact to HubSpot. Note: once a contact is sent / synced to HubSpot, the contact record must be edited within HubSpot.

If you’d like to get started with Captivated’s HubSpot integration, please reach out to Captivated Support via our in-app Support chat or text 317-316-3600.