• AT&T and T-Mobile Message Failures

    Carrier Update as of Friday, October 27th Carriers like AT&T and T-Mobile have implemented more filters on their platform related to the 10DLC registration. Note, that some of our legacy customers whom we registered prior to the revised, more stringent, manual vetting requirements enacted in late January 2023 may be seeing deliverability…

  • Contact Page Updates

    We’ve refreshed our Contacts page with sorting and filters to make it easier for you to find and organize your contacts.

  • Closing Queue for Holidays

    If your office is closing in observance of any holiday, make sure to follow these steps: 1. Close your queue by heading to Administration > Queues > View Queues > View Details > Toggle to Closed 2. Adjust the Auto-Reply message when closed accordingly  3. Ensure that all Captivated users…

  • QR Codes for Registrations & Opt-ins

    You now have access to built-in QR codes for each of your SMS channels in Captivated. When the QR code is scanned by your customer, it will take them to your registration page in their mobile browser where they can agree to receive texts from your business. Click here to learn more.

  • Quick User Switching

    A terminal user can click the lock icon to lock the screen and allow another user to access Captivated using their PIN. Click here to learn more.

  • Send Automotive Leads via ADF to your CRM

    You can now manually send your leads via ADF into your designated CRM. Once your Captivated Administrator has set up one or multiple “send to” emails (e.g. leads@abcmotors.com), there will be a “Send to CRM” button within the contact details tab within a conversation.  To use “Send to CRM”, click…

  • Full-Text Search

    You can now search for specific text within each message of your conversations. To perform a full-text search, click the search icon and start typing in what you’re trying to find. Click here to learn more…

  • Google Tag Manager for your Website Widget

    You can now use install the Captivated Website Widget template in Google Tag Manager to track activity and gather insights related to your website widget. Click here to learn more.