Contact Ownership

We’ve updated Contacts to allow for Contact Ownership. You can now assign a contact owner to a contact either manually or via a contact import. Once a contact owner is assigned, the contact will show up in the “Mine” filter within a user’s contact list.

When filtering by “All” contacts, all contacts and contact owners within the account will show in the contact list.

When a contact does not have a contact owner, the contact owner icon will show as unassigned with no user avatar. 

To manually assign a contact owner, simply click on the unassigned contact owner icon on the far right of the contact page or on a specified contact’s page (e.g. Octavia Sullivan), and assign ownership from your list of team members. 

When importing contacts, the user can select a contact owner from the “Contact Owner” dropdown. Upon importing, each of the contacts will be assigned to the selected user. 

When importing a list, the user can optionally select “unassigned” or “do not change” under the “Contact Owner” dropdown. Selecting “unassigned” will import the selected contact list with no assigned contact owner. Selecting “do not change” will do nothing, so that if a current owner is already selected a contact in the import list, that owner will maintain ownership of the contact. 

Want Contact Ownership turned on for your account? You can reach out to our Support team via our Support chat in the left-hand menu to request access. 

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