QR Codes for Registrations & Opt-ins

You now have access to built-in QR codes for each of your SMS channels in Captivated. When the QR code is scanned by your customer, it will take them to your registration page in their mobile browser where they can agree to receive texts from your business.

To access a QR code for a particular channel, navigate to Administration > Channels > View Details. 

Click the “QR Code” button to either preview your QR code or download the image to be printed or used elsewhere. Alternatively, you can copy your registration link using the copy icon to the right of the QR Code button.

When someone utilizes the QR code, it will initiate the double opt-in process and require a YES response from the customer to complete their opt-in.

If you would like your business’ opt-in language adjusted, an Administrator can adjust it under Administration > View Compliance Profiles.

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