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Yes, in most cases enabling your existing landline or toll-free number takes less than an hour.

Yes. We can give you local or toll-free numbers that your customers can call or text.

No. Your customers can text your business using the standard texting app on their phone. They send a text to your business the same way they would to family and friends.

We recommend Google Chrome to leverage our Chrome extension. Firefox, Safari and Edge are okay too. Captivated is not compatible with Internet Explorer.

Any text sent or received counts towards your monthly total, including ‘stop’ messages and auto replies. The only exception is messages that are initiated from your website widget or kiosk page.

A single text can hold up to 160 characters. Messages over 160 characters count as multiple texts. Remember to account for your signature and also any links included in a text, as they will add characters to your message.¬†Live chats and chats with our Support team using our “Support” option in the left-hand menu do not count toward your included monthly messages.¬†

As many as you want! You just pay a few bucks per additional line, based on your current plan.

You can delete a contact from the “Contacts” section by selecting the contact and then choosing “Archive”. You can read on this and see screenshots here.