Where do my business texts route?

For most businesses, Captivated message routing works very much the same as a call center. A text comes in and designated personnel can handle the text or transfer it to another queue or person. Depending on your business’ settings, one of three scenarios will occur:

  1.  The new message will route to the queue, where designated queue operators can take the message and handle it themselves or transfer it to another queue or team member.
  2. The message will route to a team member’s direct line if users have their own dedicated texting lines in Captivated. 
  3. The message will route to a particular person whom the business has designated to receive all incoming messages.

When you start a new conversation in Captivated, you are the owner of the conversation and the reply will go directly back to you and anyone you’ve added to the conversation. The only exception to this might be if you “complete” a conversation.  See below for further explanation. 

Depending on your business’ settings when a conversation is completed (closed), the conversation will either route to the queue or back to anyone currently joined to the conversation. Typically, when closing out a conversation, all of the active members from the conversation will be removed and the message will route to the queue when the contact initiates a conversation with your business again. If you wish for that conversation to bypass the queue and route to you, you can re-join the conversation after completing it by hitting the take button. Being joined on a conversation ensures you receive notifications on all communication within a conversation.

For users in Sales channels that wish to stay closely connected to their customers, Captivated can adjust a channel’s settings allowing users to close and stay joined to their conversations by default. This is a great option when your contacts are more relationally based. 

If you are still joined to a conversation after closing it out, indicated by your user photo remaining in color in the top right corner of a conversation, then the channel’s default setting is to keep Captivated users joined after completing a conversation. 

If you want to leave a conversation after completing it, you can select the “leave” option in the top right corner of the conversation.

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