Where can I see my account usage?

You can view your Account Usage either under “My Account” or “Administration” in the left-hand menu of Captivated. If you’re not seeing either of these options, you might need to contact your Administrator to gain access.

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When viewing the Account Usage section under “Administration”, there are two tabs. The General tab shows you your current balance on your account, and a date/time stamp of when your account usage was last updated.

The usage section typically updates once a day and shows your usage for messages, voice minutes, phone number lookups, and video chat participant minutes per billing cycle. You can use the Manage Subscription button to access your monthly Captivated invoices.

The Sharing tab, allows you to share your account information with other members on your team. Administrators will automatically see the “Usage” section. You can remove non-admin team members by clicking on the red trash icon to the right of each member, and you can add a team member using the +Add another team or user. Once the team member is selected, choose the Save button to update your changes.

Any non-administrator team member you share the Account Usage section with will see usage under My Account in the left-hand menu of Captivated.

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