Conversation Actions

1. Taking a conversation from the queue

Take a conversation from your inbound message queue by clicking the button with the finger icon in the green banner the upper left of your Captivated browser. If you have queue previewing available, you can use the drop down arrow to the right of finger icon to see a list of queued conversations. From there, you can scroll and select the conversation(s) you need to take.

2. Transfer conversation ownership to another user or queue

To transfer a conversation, click the Transfer button above your conversation thread and use the dropdown menu to select the user or queue you want to transfer it to.

3. Add a team member/manager to conversation

To Add a manager or team member to a conversation while staying in the conversation yourself, use the ‘Members’ button to the right of the transfer button, select a user and click ‘Add.’

4. Leaving a conversation

If you are joined to a conversation and simply wish to leave it, use the ‘Leave’ button the the right of the Transfer button above your message thread. As an Administrator or Manager, you can also join a conversation when filtering by “Everyone’s Conversations”.

5. Completing a conversation

When finished with a conversation, the conversation owner (indicated by the avatar within the conversation list and in the top right-hand corner of the conversation) can use the ‘Complete’ button in the upper right-hand corner of the conversation to complete it. Note: Only the conversation’s owner can complete it; if you are simply joined to the conversation, you’ll see the option to leave it.

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