Internal Notes

60-Second Video Walkthrough

Step by Step Instructions

Internal notes are great for team communication within a text message thread or for recording details of a conversation that took place outside of texting. E.g. “I spoke to the customer on the phone and they are going to come back next week.”

You can drop an internal note inline and only your Captivated team members will see the note. It is not visible to the person you are texting. 

To add an internal note, select the note icon under the message field.

Next, type your note and hit the save button.

Using the @mention will automatically add the Captivated team member to the conversation. That Captivated user can then respond back to their team member as well as reply directly to the customer via text. 

If necessary, transfer the conversation to that user that needs to take action within the conversation. Doing this will remove the conversation from your active filter

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