Conversation Filtering and Searching

Filtering your conversations allows you to adjust your view of the conversation list to see exactly what you need to see. You can filter your conversations by clicking either of the to filters above the conversation list. In the example below, clicking either filter will open a drop down menu.

Clicking on the left dropdown menu will give you the option of filtering between My conversations and Everyone’s Conversations. (Note: If you are not an Administrator or Manager on your team’s message queue, then you will see no difference after selecting Everyone’s Conversations).

The right dropdown menu lets you filter between by a conversation’s Status: Active Conversations, Unreplied Conversations, Completed Conversations, Conversations with Scheduled messages, and All Conversations.

Filtering by Unreplied shows only conversations where the recipient was the last to send a message.

Filtering by Completed shows only Completed conversations. You can tell that a conversation is Completed because the recipient (or number) will be italicized and grayed out.

Filtering by Scheduled will only show conversations that contain Scheduled messages that have yet to be sent.

Once you set your filters on a device, the filters will stick until you adjust it again. This means you only need to change your filters one time on your computer and one time on the mobile app for it to stay on your desired view for each device.

As a best practice, we recommend defaulting to your filters to show Active conversations.  

Searching for Conversations

Use the magnifying glass icon to quickly search by user, contact, tag, etc.

To make a field specific Advanced search, click on Advanced search below the standard search bar.

You’ll see the dropdown menus for each field in the advanced search menu. Once you make your Advanced search, you have the option to save that search for continued use.

In the example below, we see Michael Scott saving a search with Dwight’s open conversations by selecting Dwight Schrute under (users) and selecting Active under (status). He names the search Dwight’s Convos.

Edit or delete your saved searches at any time and use the back arrow on the right of the search bar to leave the search menu.

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