Sending Voice Memos & File Attachments on the mobile app

Mobile app users can record and send voice memos to recipients in Captivated. Here are a couple benefits of sending a voice memo:

  • Voice memos enable you to push an important message into someone’s text thread on their phone instead of a voicemail that may or may not be listened to for hours.
  • They enable you to relay a longer message via a media file instead of sending a very long text message.
  • The recipient can hear your voice and receive your message without you needing to pick up the phone and call them.

We recommend adding the following template to your template library to use when sending a voice memo:

“{{salutation}}, please listen to the attached voice memo.”

To send a voice memo, use the attach icon below your message field and select “Voice Memo”.


You can then record your voice memo from within Captivated and listen to the recording before attaching and sending it. Once you’ve sent your voice memo, you can listen to it again in-line within your conversation.



If you’d like to attach a pre-existing voice memo or other files saved on your phone via the mobile app, you can use the “Attach Files…” option in the attachment menu.


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