Opting out a Contact

Opting Out and Back In 90 Second Video Walkthrough

Opting Out a Contact Step by Step Instructions

A contact can opt out of texting your business at any time by replying “stop”. Once they send the word “stop”, they will receive the following message: “You have opted out of our texting service. If you would like to opt back in, simply send another text.”

Once a contact has opted out, your business can no longer communicate with the contact on that channel. The write a message field will be greyed out and you will not be able to type or send any outbound message to the customer. 


If a contact requests to no longer be contacted by your business, but doesn’t use the opt out language “stop”, you can manually opt out the contact using the opt out button at the bottom of the contact details section.

Opting Back In Step by Step Instructions

If the customer opted out by accident, to opt back in to texting on that channel, all they need to do is send any other text message inbound to that line.

You will see inline where they opted out and when they opted back in. 


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