How do I adjust my notifications?

Weekly Schedule

You can set up a weekly schedule to choose when you receive notifications. To adjust your notification hours, choose “add a range” (or “edit schedule” if you have already set up your schedule). Be sure to save your changes at the bottom of the page when you are done.

You can override your weekly schedule and manually turn notifications on or off by using the “I’m Here” and “I’m Away” toggles. If your browser, mobile or email notifications are turned on and you’ve toggled on “I’m Here”, you will receive notifications around the clock. If you toggle on “I’m Away”, you will not receive any notifications until you manually turn off the toggle.


There are 3 types of notifications you can receive when using Captivated. Browser notifications, email notifications and push notifications. You should receive a notification in the following situations:

  • anytime there is communication within a conversation you are assigned or joined to
  • when a team member assigns a conversation to you or adds you to a conversation
  • when a team member adds a note to a conversation to which you are joined or assigned
  • If you are a queue operator, you will also receive notifications anytime a new incoming message has been queued

Browser Notifications

Browser notifications show up the corner of your browser. You can have many tabs open in your browser, and the notification will still show. You can close the notification or click on it to take you directly to the conversation in Captivated. 

*Make sure that you choose to allow notifications the first time you log into Captivated on your browser. Not seeing browser notifications? Here are instructions to make sure you have them turned on for Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

To adjust your notifications, select “My Profile” from the left-hand menu of Captivated and go to the Availability tab. You can turn browser, mobile and email notifications on or off using the toggles under “Notifications”.


Push Notifications

If you’ve downloaded the mobile app, you will also receive push notifications on your phone after logging in for the first time. Again, be sure to allow notifications the first you log into the mobile app. You can check to make sure you have notifications turned on and adjust your notification settings (e.g. banners, sounds, etc.) in the notifications section of your phone’s settings.

If you have the mobile app downloaded, push notifications will show up instantly on your phone, or arrive after one minute if you are logged in on your browser and have left a message un-replied.

Email Notifications

Email notifications are Captivated’s last resort to get your attention if you have a message waiting. If there is a queued message or a message that has not been answered in a conversation to which you are assigned or joined for at least 10 minutes, you will receive an email notification with any activity that has happened in that 10 minute window of time. You can click on the “new notification” section of the email to take you directly to the message in Captivated.

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