Contact Exchange Request

You can 1) send your company contact card 2) collect a recipient’s contact info and 3) receive the contact’s opt-in all using Captivated’s Contact Exchange Request feature.

 Benefits of a Contact Exchange:

  • Quickly send an initial text using the compose button without needing to input the first and last name – especially nice when it’s a name that’s difficult to spell.
  • Push your downloadable contact card to the recipient’s phone so that your business contact information is saved and shows up on the caller ID the next time you call or text.
  • Collect the recipient’s first and last name so that it’s stored in Captivated automatically.
  • Collect and store the contact’s opt-in with the exchange to ensure your company is texting compliantly.

To send a Contact Exchange request, select the 3-dot menu below the message field within the conversation and choose “Request Contact Exchange”.



We recommend adding the template below to your account with a contact exchange request included, so that you can quickly send the request with a templated message.

{{salutation}}, as requested, here is the link to exchange contact information with me.”



Once you’ve sent the contact exchange request, the recipient will receive it as a link via text.

Once the recipient clicks on the link via text, they can input their first and last name and agree to receive texts messages from your business.



After submitting their contact information, they will have the option to download and save your company contact card from the page for future use.



Once the contact has submitted their contact information, the contact exchange submission will show up in-line in the conversation, and the contact’s name will be updated from a number listing to the contact’s name in Captivated.



Lastly, when you click on “Tap to view” under “Contact Exchange Submitted”, you can view the form submission for the contact exchange.



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