How can I set up an away message?

You can add an auto-reply message that will automatically be sent to anyone who messages you on conversations to which you are assigned. If you are simply joined to a conversation, your auto-reply message will not be sent. If you’ve set up a weekly schedule, the auto reply will be sent during hours outside of your schedule. If you’d like to manually turn on your auto-reply, you can toggle on “I’m Away”. Be sure to save your changes when finished.



You can also manage your “I’m Here” and “I’m Away” toggles to override your notification hours using the more menu in the top right hand corner. If you select “I’m Away” from this menu, you can quickly add and save a new away message.



If you head out of the office for an extended period of time, under the Forwarding tab of the My Profile section, you can choose to forward any incoming messages to a user or a queue.

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