Full-Text Search

You can now search for specific text within each message of your conversations. To perform a full-text search, click the search icon and start typing in what you’re trying to find.

Search results should show in your conversation list based on a combination of best matching results and the date in which the conversation took place.

Once you’ve searched for something, you can click into a matching conversation and if the conversation contains a word that matches, you’ll be directed to the matching message, which is highlighted in yellow for about 2 seconds.

You can do a full-text search to find announcements, group and team chats, contact names and text within a conversation / message. You can also search by phone number to pull all of the conversations associated with a specific phone number.

Please note, if you’d like to perform a more specific search by user, tag, team, channel, etc., you can still do so using the “Advanced search” option.

Questions? You can chat with Captivated Support via the left-hand menu.

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