Calendar & Scheduling

Captivated can help you drive appointments and simplify scheduling for you and your team with our built in calendar and scheduling functionality. No more back and forth looking for available times on your calendar. No more no-shows. We can help leverage scheduling efficiency for you and your business, and at the same time allow your customers/clients/prospects the ease of accessing your availability in real time!  

The best part is that you can do all of this directly from your Google or Outlook calendar. No additional software needed. 

Here are some ways you can utilize this feature to power your business:

Send appointment requests via Captivated and see booked appointments in-line within the conversation.

Automatically send email and SMS reminders for booked appointments from your main number. 

Collect information related to your appointments via forms built in to the booking process.

Embed your booking page or calendar directly on your website to increase conversion and drive appointments.

Sync your Google or Microsoft calendar to automatically provide your availability for your contacts to book appointments with you – You can also define your own windows of availability so that your contacts can easily book with you only during designated hours.

Once your calendar is connected to Captivated, you can either send a booking request or book on the customer’s behalf if you know the date and time they would like to book.  

To send a booking request, you can easily create a template and attach the booking request. 

Your booking site will include your logo and the colors are customizable. The customer can pick the date and time and book their appointment based on the availability of the calendar that is connected. 

Once a date and time is confirmed, you can customize the information required before an appointment is booked. E.g. “Company Name”. 

captivated can collect any information that is filled out via the booking form for your viewing on the “Appointment Booked” stamp directly in a conversation. 

You can also easily reschedule or cancel appointments using the “update” button. 

Text appointment confirmations and reminders can be customized based on your needs and preferences. Your customer will know exactly when their appointment is and who it will be with. Additionally, when an appointment is canceled or rescheduled, your customer will be notified via text message automatically. 

From our calendar tab, you can easily adjust your hours and settings for your booking site at any time. Alternatively, reach out to Captivated Support for assistance. 

Easily keep track of all of your upcoming appointments as well using the list view in our Calendar tab.

If you’d like to learn more or you’re ready to add this feature to your subscription, you can chat with our Support team via the “Support” option in the left-hand menu.

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