Quick User Switching

*Introducing Quick User Switching: a pin-protected, shared user seat for those who share the same desktop. 

*One simplified login while maintaining accountability when communicating with customers. 

*Perfect for restaurants, retail stores, salons, pet care, hospitality & more.

How it works:

The shared user seat, i.e. “terminal user” can have multiple identities, which can be set up under “Administration”. Identities can be added or removed at any time and new a new PIN can be generated for an identity by an Administrator.

When setting up a terminal user, an Administrator can choose to set a PIN that is 4, 5, or 6 digits in length and can also choose how much time will elapse before the desktop auto-locks and requires a PIN to access Captivated again. 

Once the terminal user is created and users who are sharing access each have their own designated PIN, they can login to Captivated using the login credentials for the terminal user along with their unique PIN.

Once logged in, a user can send a message on behalf of the company, e.g. Tudor Mansion. The user can hover over the icon next to the sent message to see which terminal identity has sent the message. 

Alternatively, if no user photo is set for the terminal user’s profile, the initials of the user who sent the message will show next to the sent message. 

A terminal user can click the lock icon to lock the screen and allow another user to access Captivated using their unique PIN.

If the lock icon is not selected, Captivated will timeout after X amount of time as designated by the admin. e.g. 10 minutes

Want to request access or have questions? You can chat with Captivated Support via the left-hand menu.

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