Sending Forms / Form Pre-Fill

You can send a live form via text and receive the completed form right in your Captivated message thread. You can also view all form responses and request via the Forms Dashboard. 

To send a form, use the three-dot “more” menu under the message field and choose “Attach Form”. Select the form you would like to attach and adjust your message if necessary before sending. Or, you can add a form to any template for quick access.

Or, you can add a form to any template for quick access.

Alternatively, you can send your forms via text automatically with automated events. In the example below, a customer texts the keyword “Register” to Scranton’s Office line and the form is sent to their cell phone automatically.

Once the form is sent, the contact will receive a text with a link to fill out a form right from their phone. In the example below, the contact is viewing Dunder Mifflin’s registration kiosk form. Dunder Mifflin’s form language allows them to gain full opt-ins from their clients upon submission of the registration kiosk.

After a contact submits a form, the filled in form will show up within the Captivated conversation thread. You can select “View PDF” to view the filled out form. You can also have your form set up to email a PDF copy to any email address(es) you designate. 


There are certain use cases where it can be beneficial to pre-fill some or almost all of a form on the recipient’s behalf. Here are some more prevalent use cases: 

  •  Invoice amount / Quote Approval
  • Order forms
  • Change Orders
  • Contracts
  • Patient Intake forms
  • Unique Approvals

To pre-fill a form, click the ‘Pre-Fill’ button within your form attachment.

If you have contact information saved, the pre-fill modal should auto-populate that contact’s information.

Fill out any information you’d like to pre-fill on the contact’s behalf before sending. 

Note: Each field within your form can be configured in one of the following ways:

  1. Editable by the sender or the recipient
  2. Only editable by the sender
  3. Only fillable by the recipient

Once you’ve pre-filled the form, click ‘Continue’ to preview your pre-filled information before sending the form to the recipient.

Once the form is received, the recipient can fill in remaining fields, view uneditable fields (e.g. ‘What’s included in your package:’ and ‘Quote’ before signing and submitting the form.

Once the form is submitted, it will show up in-line within Captivated. 

You can view all sent and submitted forms within ‘Form Submissions’ in your Dashboard. First navigate to the dashboards icon > Form Submissions. Clicking on a form submission date will open up a preview of the submitted form. Clicking the date a form was sent will redirect you to the conversation where the form was sent. 

Choose the time filters as well as the account and name of the form.  Export this data to CSV if needed. 

If you are interested in sending forms via text message, text “Request form” to Captivated Support at 317-316-3600 and we will put you in touch with our Professional Services team to start configuring your form(s). 

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