Setting up your Queue(s)

Administrators can set up an auto reply message for any conversations that routes to the company’s queue(s). To set up an auto reply message for when your business is closed, navigate to the “Administration” section of the lefthand menu. Note: If you are not seeing this option, you can reach out to your Administrator to make adjustments or contact Captivated Support.



Once in the Administration section, select “View Queues”.



You can then choose the queue you’d like to edit and select “Edit Queue”. Toggling on “Send an automated reply when this queue is closed” will give you the option to set up an auto reply message, set up your company’s hours of business and set your time zone.



Note: The auto reply message will only be triggered when a message routes to the queue. If a conversation is open and assigned to someone, they won’t receive the queue’s auto reply message. You can ensure an auto reply message is sent outside of business hours by doing the following:

  1. Mark conversations as “complete” when finished so that any additional messages will then route to the queue and trigger the queue’s auto reply.
  2. Have users set up an auto reply and their own weekly schedule (business hours) in the “My Profile” section of the lefthand menu. You can read more on that here.

Administrators can adjust the timing of a queue’s warning colors to alert queue operators of messages that have been waiting for a reply in the queue. With warning minutes in place, any messages showing in preview mode will change color according to a queue’s settings. Ideally, the queue banner at the top should be green for new messages. If your queue banner has turned yellow or red, it means people have texted your team and been waiting for a reply.



Once you have set up your queue’s auto reply, make sure the queue’s status is set to “auto” which will only trigger the auto reply when someone messages in outside of business hours.



You can also manage your queue operators in the “Operators” tab. Operators are the people who have access to initial inbound messages that route to a queue. In this section, you can remove current operators or add more and toggle on preview mode for anyone you’d like to be able to preview new incoming messages. Captivated recommends having at least 2 queue operators to ensure that new incoming messages are not being missed.

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